The Open-Air Museum of Lithuania is creating a new tradition and invites you to come to the museum town on December 7th and 14th between 12 and 16 p.m. in order to spend the Advent afternoon in a way that is slightly unusual for the busy modern man – without glitter or any hustle and bustle – but just as interesting, meaningful and thoughtful.

Traditionally, Advent is a time of tranquillity and concentration in anticipation of one of the biggest celebrations of the year – Christmas. However, nowadays Advent is becoming as noisy as Christmas and for most this period is associated with constant rush with the aim to buy an abundance of gifts, as well as long queues in shopping centres. The museum invites visitors to its Advent Town with the aim to encourage the modern man to stop, relax and embrace the calm and nostalgic festive mood. While enjoying the sounds of festive music produced in the background by the museum’s gramophone, you will be able to choose between various Advent activities – baking Kūčiukai (Christmas Eve biscuits), decorating traditional gingerbread cookies, moulding natural wax candles, writing and sending vintage paper postcards, riding a horse-drawn carriage, and many other surprises! You will be able to try out all the activities, participate in them yourself and talk to the presenters of these activities who will happily share their extensive knowledge with you. And, of course, gifts are also important! You may either buy something or make your own gift here and present it to your family member or friend when the time comes. And, in turn, the museum will prepare small gifts to all its Advent afternoon guests. This Advent Town inspired by traditional pre-holiday sweets markets is a new type of event in the museum. We hope to grow and expand, and offer our visitors even more Advent activities next year. Let’s meet at the cosy Advent Town of the museum and prepare for Christmas together!

More information and a detailed program of the event is provided at and posted on the museum’s facebook account.