The Open-Air Museum of Lithuania offers over 40 differently themed educational programs. All of them are held in Lithuanian; therefore, you should have your own interpreter.
  • Family customs (Bachelor Party, Bachelorette Party, Wedding, In Godparents’ Arms, etc.)
  • Holiday traditions and customs (Here Comes Father Christmas, Mardi Gras, Awaiting Easter, Decorating Easter Eggs, St George’s Day, Pentecost, Advent Wreath)
  • Living history (A Lesson in The Secret School, Elementary School. A Lesson of Penmanship, Exile of the Nation, etc.)
  • Crafts, works (Lighting Equipment and Candle Making, Measure and Weight, Linen Journey, Build a House, etc.)
  • Games and fun (Folk Games for the Youth, Children’s Games, Fairy Tales and Songs, Let's Play Music Together, etc.)
  • Culinary heritage (Gingerbread for Special Occasions, “We bake Stork Buns”, etc.)
  • Guided tours and educational programs can be booked all year round by telephone +370 687 67237 or e-mail