For visitors Price
Adult 10 EUR
Schoolchild, student, senior citizen 5 EUR
Welfare recipient 2-4 EUR
For visitors Price
Adult 4 EUR
Schoolchild, student, welfare recipient, senior citizen 2 EUR

The museum is visited as a park, all the interior expositions are closed (October 16th – May 1st).

The price of entrance tickets for museum events is set by order of the director.

For visitors Price
Fee for a car 30 EUR + entrance tickets
Fee for a minibus 40 EUR + entrance tickets
Fee for a bus 50 EUR + entrance tickets
Fee for a motorcycle, a moped, a scooter 20 EUR + entrance tickets

The Museum reserves the right to:

  • to prevent visitors from driving in the museum during events;
  • to allow the free drive into the museum in exceptional cases according to the state of health.
For visitors Price
Fee for a car 5 EUR + entrance tickets
Fee for a minibus 10 EUR + entrance tickets
Fee for a bus 20 EUR + entrance tickets

The museum may restrict access to entry the museum area with cars during festivals and events.

For visitors Price
30 visits 30 EUR
30 visits for people with discounts and benefits (schoolchild, student, senior citizen) 15 EUR
90 visits 50 EUR
300 visits (active leisure friend account) 100 EUR (valid only during the hours when the museum is visited as a park, i.e. 08.00-10.00 and 18.00-20.00)

The museum’s annual tickets are not valid during events.

For visitors Price
Preschool childs Free
Foster-home childrens Free
Persons aged 80 and over Free
Members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), members of the Lithuanian National Committee (ICOMOS), members of the United Nations Educational and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Free
All visitors on the last Sunday of each month Free
Disabled and one accompanying person Free
The group leader accompanying a group (up to 20 people), student group leader (up to 11 persons) Free
The bus driver, who brought a group of visitors Free

Discounts and benefits are applied on presentation of the confirmation document.

Tour guide services only by pre-booking tel. +370 346 47392. Guided tours in Lithuanian, English, Russian and German (up to 2 hours, group up to 20 people):

  • adults - 40 EUR + entrance tickets;
  • schoolchildren and children - EUR 20 + entrance tickets.
  • In case the tour exceeds 2 hours the additional charge of 20 EUR (for every additional hour) is applied.