The mysterious shortest night of the year will be different! This year we will celebrate St. John’s Day at the Open-Air Museum of Lithuania exclusively.

Firstly, we will invite you to empathize with the transformation of nature, ancient customs, wander in the meadows, guess the future, weave flower wreaths and, of course, dance, sing and have fun! The folklore ensemble “Nedėja” of Rumšiškės Culture Center will help to get to know the secrets of St. John’s Night.

After this part of the festival, interwoven with traditions and ceremonies, we will invite you to wander through the enchanting atmospheres with the music, where our old and modern cultures meet. An event of St. John’s Soundscapes will take place in the mysterious space next to the Barn Theater, where Girių dvasios, Vėjopatis and MigloJE will play.

St. John’s Day celebration will take place on June 23rd 18: 00-20: 00 In the village of Dzūkija.
The soundscapes will take place on June 23rd 20: 00-00: 30 at the Barn Theater.

Ticket prices:

Adults – 6 €;
schoolchildren, students, seniors – 3 €;
preschool children – free.
Tickets can be purchased only upon arrival at the museum, ticket offices. There are no advance tickets.

The event will be photographed, filmed and made public following the law. The organizer is not responsible for the photographing, filming and distribution of photo and video material of natural persons.