The series, created by Tolstoy’s famous novel, is rapidly gaining popularity around the world, especially in Great Britain. Filming locations also chosen not accidentally – it is a historic and authentic areas, which would convey not only novel, but also the series creators approach. That is why the Open Air Museum of Lithuania is also included as a necessary filming location – the series creators believe is the perfect equivalent of Siberia. And that can be no doubt, as the museum has all ethnographic regions restored with unique environment and the smallest details gives great freedom to the crew that wants to convey the professional historical images. The series, which has already been displayed at Lithuania, is not only loved by numerous viewers, but also greatly appreciated by the critics. Therefore, at this time it is a great opportunity to promote film tourism in Lithuania – it is a kind of tourism, which are chosen for specific routes are shown in a particular film or television series.

Open Air Museum of Lithuania has many exhibits from all of ethnographic regions, which are really worth seeing, while the series “War and Peace” filming locations developed tourist route will only further complement the entire museum created a common cultural and cognitive self-awareness. Everyone is invited to visit the museum, whether he decides to see the cult series filming locations, or just spend time outdoors, the fresh air, the legacy of its history.

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