On 5th June an Open Doors day event in Salos took a place – the visitors were introduced with intermediate results of restorations works of the Project, a variety of wooded buildings restoration methods. Also, guest were invited to listen to a wonderful performance of folk ensembles “Čiulbutė” and “Linago”.
During the event there were presented the progress of restoration work, the story of village. Moreover, local residents shared their memories. The visitors were interested in wooden heritage preservation and wished good luck for Open Air Museum of Lithuanian.
A significant group of visitors were private wooden homes’ owners – they came here in order to get know more about funding opportunities and to learn how to prepare such houses for restoration.
The event was nicely finished with vivacious ensembles’ performance. After that the discussion on the future prospects were held – visitors hope that museum will not forget this Highland region and will arrange more events here in this beautiful hilly area.